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Sustainable, future-proof, value-preserving

With over eighty employees, annual sales of around 40 million euros, and offices in Austria, Germany, Malaysia and the USA, we are a young and dynamic group in the heart of Europe with headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

The group specialises in IT life cycle management and circular economy. Our ambition within the company is to shape and further develop this strongly growing area. Our corporate philosophy calls for observing the market and thinking beyond current trends.  Our long-term success and our growth strategy are based on developing sustainable, future-proof and value-preserving solutions for our customers. Our companies pursue sustainable business models. Our services are environmentally compatible, resource-sparing and carbon-neutral.

Within the IT life cycle, our company’s services cover practically all areas of the IT infrastructure. High efficiency, absolute reliability and punctuality, clear communication and collaboration have earned us a recognised position with clients in both the public and private sectors.

Our companies are certified and work according to the highest standards.

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Sustainable, future-proof, value-preserving

TSPD manages and controls the nine companies in its own group and also handles worldwide trademark and licensing rights. Within the group we are responsible for strategy development, sales, PR and marketing, legal security, controlling and financing, quality management, research and development, and personnel management.

We continue to see great growth and development potential in sustainable, environmentally aware and resource-sparing IT life cycle management. TSPD therefore regards itself as well as a market developer with a focus on consultancy and assistance, management and the financing of business ideas.

Our focus

Comprehensive and sustainable IT life cycle management

The companies in the TSPD group cover all major areas of the IT life cycle: consultancy, acquisition, installation, implementation and after-sales care and reutilisation. We focus on innovative sustainable solutions that are environmentally compatible, resource-sparing and carbon-neutral. Our services offer customers long-term intrinsic value and a high return on investment.


Thanks to partnership with leading IT suppliers, we ensure that customers have state-of-the-art technologies at their disposal. We are not tied to specific manufacturers and seek optimum solutions that are ideally dimensioned, future-proof and sustainable. The acquisition service ranges from workplace appliances to high-end computer centre equipment. Apart from new machines the group also offers sustainable solutions in large quantities with recycled appliances with professional, legally secure erasure and testing.

Implementation and after-sales service

We offer the most professional and progressive IT solutions on the market. From new computer centre infrastructure to virtual workstations, our customers can expect all-round approaches and solutions. Our leading market position has been achieved through decades of experience and an uncompromising approach.

Our focus

Comprehensive and sustainable IT life cycle management
End-of-life management

Used IT devices at the end of their life cycle are remarketed by us in coordination with the rollout. The entire IT remarketing process is managed from a single source. Our expertise and highly efficient procedures save valuable time for our customers and their employees and create room for manoeuvre in this way. Thanks to our experience and network of customers, maximum reutilisation revenue can be achieved. We offer a certified and legally verified solution for the required data erasure. Almost 90 percent of devices are reutilised by being sold to your employees through our web shop, to end users and commercial customers in our own online shop or through our international network and  brokerage. Non-reutilisable IT used devices are professionally disposed of in an environmentally sound way.

Our focus

Comprehensive and sustainable IT life cycle management
Consultancy and assistance

We offer comprehensive consultancy in all areas of the IT life cycle. As a market developer we are always on the lookout for new projects, ideas and companies. Thanks to our long global experience in this market segment we can consider business ideas in a realistic manner and accurately assess their potential. With the corresponding financial background and our own group on the market, we are in a position to implement business ideas and projects from our own resources.

The group

at a glance

Business activities

Implementation and after-sales service
TEMS GmbH Austria
TEMS GmbH Germany

TEMS GmbH is a systems house specialising in IT global solutions and offering high-end workplace virtualisation, business security, mobile device management, data centre and cloud services, backup and recovery strategies, managed services, and network and monitoring.

It is a technology leader in the Austrian systems house market and avails itself of technologies and knowledge of the highest international standard. It has achieved a leading marketing position thanks to its highly professional and progressive solutions, decades of experience and uncompromising approach. Its customers include many of the top companies.

Business activities

Software development

Securaze GmbH is a leader in software development. The company is a digital pioneer in security solutions at the interface of hardware and data. Its core activities are the sale, support and further development of the SECURAZE OPS® erasure software.


SECURAZE OPS® is a software platform for managing, processing and diagnosing IT assets and for certified data erasure. It offers solutions with IT security teams that can optimise your asset management and avoid downtimes and reduce e-waste over the entire data life cycle.

Business activities

Software development
Securaze GmbH Austria

The software development headquarters are in Austria. Securaze GmbH Austria controls the worldwide market development of SECURAZE OPS® erasure software.

Securaze North America LLC
Securaze Snd Bhd Malaysia

Sales activities in the USA, Asia and the Pacific are controlled through Securaze GmbH.

Business activities

CC4Remarketing GmbH

CC4Remarketing GmbH has offices in Austria and Germany and specialises in the professional remarketing of used IT appliances. As a full-service provider, activities extend from collection and safe storage to standardised processing, certified erasure, sustainable reutilisation, profitable sale and professional disposal.

Onkel Klaus Trading GmbH

Used IT appliances are marketed professionally in German-speaking countries in several online shops and marketplaces. All activities are consolidated in Onkel Klaus Trading GmbH. These platforms also organise and manage the sale of appliances to employees of the original company.

Business activities

Consultancy and assistance
Implementing business ideas together

Without a broad base of new ideas we would be a company like many others. We therefore seek constant dialogue with partners with new ideas wishing to implement projects in the field of IT life cycle management with us.

Thanks to our long global experience in this market segment we can consider business ideas in a realistic manner and accurately assess their potential. 

We highlight profitable potential, ensure professional implementation and assist in the sustainable follow-up.

We identify solutions and make available innovative ideas and farsighted consultancy, all-round knowledge and existing intelligent systems.

With the corresponding financial background and our own group on the market, we are in a position to implement business ideas and projects from our own resources.

A dependable network of partners, customers and suppliers built up over the years help to achieve success even more rapidly.

Business activities

Consultancy and assistance
Our success formula

Identification, cataloguing and awareness of potential

Understanding, estimation and assessment of the business idea

Development and outlining of perspectives and possibilities

Communication of specific projects and networking of contacts

Assistance and advice on the implementation of business ideas

Marketing of the business idea successfully and profitably

Business activities

Consultancy and assistance

Cooperation possibilities

Consultancy and assistance
Identifying potential and assisting in its implementation

We provide wide-ranging consultancy, offering support in the successful and profitable implementation of business ideas and contributing in this way to the success of the idea or company.

Profit sharing
The decisive financial boost to success

The necessary financial basis is often missing to perform the first steps in the implementation of a business idea. We offer this financial support on a profit-sharing basis.

Business activities

Consultancy and assistance

Cooperation possibilities

Company shareholding
Seeking success together

After the first implementation stage, we seek to establish and successfully market the business idea. Through participation in the company we can transform a business idea into a successful company.

Purchasing a business idea
Rapid transformation of ideas into a successful business

Another way of profiting in the short term from a business idea is for us to assess and buy it.

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